Wednesday, 17 April 2019

You’ve got to believe

Life can let you down when you discover that you’re alone without anyone to share your moments with. You may be the one who spends long years on their own enjoying every moment of joy including their favorite music, movies, gigs, and places to eat or drink on their own. You may search desperately for the one person who shares your whole life experience with you. The ride can be so long and tough but you shall never lose hope; because at the moment you give up, you find what you want standing right in front of you and you may miss it if you decide to quit. 

You shall never lose hope. You shall never lose the hope that will one day unite you with the one who will share all your ideas and thoughts that people seldom believe in. You’ll find that one somewhere around where you live and you’re gonna be madly in love with each other and get to enjoy the life’s tough journey together for as much as possible. You ought to believe in it and have faith that it happens. Even if you must wait for a long decade, it will happen as long as you believe it will. It’s all about faith and hope..

Tuesday, 16 April 2019


It is awesome when you have power. It is awesome when you feel stronger than everyone. You feel in control that you can do anything you desire without failing. You're powerful and people can see that and give you all respect and admiration, but is it enough to be powerful? What about the responsibility of that power? What about the fact that we may misuse this power? How about we abuse it like bullies in schools, criminals in streets, terrorists everywhere and even public figures spreading wrong thoughts? What about power combined with hatred and envy? It can't be healthy. It is the kind of power that damages the world and destroys the humanity. It leaves us without souls when we choose to use our powers for revenge. It doesn't only affect the people we hate who have hurt us before, but also lots of innocent people in the way.
True power is when we know when to use it. It is ought to be shared with everyone we love. Power is never a reason for anyone to stand alone. No matter how strong and capable we are, we need family, friends and loyal company at all times. We need them to get our back because despite our power, comes our weak moments when we may fall down. Our power need to be limited to the good only. Instead of hatred, envy and revenge, it shall be combined with the good qualities of love, peace, friendship, hope, forgiveness and purity of heart. With that we know how to make the world a better place. We know how to get rid of the evil souls around us and limit them to where they should be. It is similar to those standing up for the weak, men who fight crime and those who fight terrorism in all the world. It is similar to the TV shows of super heroes fighting the crime. It gives the imagination of how any kind of power is used to save people, not hurt them. 
Power can hurt, but also it can save and give life. It takes the right people to own it and use it the right way.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Move On

When you first met her, you were amazed by how a like you both were. You looked at the common interest you shared together, you looked at how you went along and thought, "she's the one!" and that was when you started your long relationship. It really worked for years and it was great. It was something like those Hollywood movies. It lasted until one day you thought, "I am gonna marry this girl and it is gonna be a successful marriage between two who are madly in love with each other and are sharing everything together." You looked at the good times during the long years having awesome pictures, breakfast and dinner dates and a lot of memories around the country. Despite the love you had, you were shocked by the reality. She is not the one for you. She let you down. She couldn't be the person you thought she were. She is not your dream partner or your soul mate. However, you held on and decided to work it out because this is how you were raised and that is what you learnt. It wasn't enough and you never matched. The reason is sometimes we see some good qualities in the person we meet that makes us blindly in love that we never look for solutions to the trouble we face. Instead, we skip it and go ahead to the next chapter without realising the trouble sleeps there waiting for the good time to bite again. Trouble after trouble and then they all come at once ruining the good thing you once had that you decide to let go. Still, something deep inside your heart begs you to hold on and keep trying out of love. You may still love that partner and despite the whole unsolved trouble, you want to continue the same classic way you have always done, but that is not enough. Trouble gets bigger and they may eat you alive. The only message you need to know is, "If it is killing you, you must let go. You should now be starting to move on with your life." Just let it go and turn the page. It is where you'll find a new start.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

The sport of nobles

I have been doing this for almost 12 years now. Although there is no medals, no trophies and barely any prizes, fencing remains the sport I fell in love with since I was a kid. It has always been my escape to all my life trouble during school and college. It has been always what I want to do for glory. Since I was a kid, I have wished to be a world champion. I thought I could make it happen, while I realised that in my society, I had to get into college and get a job and it's where it changed for me. For years, fencing had been my destination. It was where I wanted to end up with my life. I just wished to be a world fencing champion who is applauded by the whole world before being a coach who raises new champions. I couldn't. I had to give it up for other passion I have with my career and writing which is the gift I realised I had years ago. Fencing may not be my destination, but it will remain my journey for a long long time even after I get deeply involved with my career. It is where I release stress holding a weapon in my hand and moving back and forth against a rival. It feels to me like dancing and having fun with no music. Feels like the whole world is on pause while the 2 atheletes are on guard. It is the time when you feel like on stage performing a dance even if no one is watching. I may not be a world champion, I may never be one, but I will always be a fencer no matter what happens or where my life takes me; because I am not just a dentist or a writer, I am also a fencer and I will always be on guard.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

There is still some hope in humanity

Sometimes, certain people are chosen to cross our paths helping us out of difficult situations when we've already lost control and have started giving up, which means that we should never lose faith and hope. Everything will get better eventually with faith, hope and hardwork. Good people are still there. They just show up at the right time. They appear when you are desperately looking for change to buy a subway ticket and someone buys it for you, they appear when you lose your wallet and someone runs after you to give it back with no conditions, they appear when they save you from being hit by a car, they appear when you fall off a bus on the ground and help you stand up, they appear when you're studying for a hard exam and help you with it.
It is great to know that some people are out there ready to give you the motivation you need to continue when you're down or giving up. It is great when some random person gives you a smile during a bad day that changes your mood. It is great to know there is still some hope in humanity.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

What is wrong with Humanity?

Why human beings can't live in peace? Why do we have to fight everyday? Why most of the time, the reason to fight, hurt and even kill each other is money? Why hatred become natural between people? Can't people love each other for the sake of God? This isn't what God wanted. We became the worst version of ourselves. We do anything whether right or wrong for the sake of money, not even food or shelter. Just money and power. All human beings are cowards who know it and using their powers to scare the weaker because they know they are cowards afraid of any higher power. They just neglected God's power over the whole universe where we live in such a tiny area in it, which is as tiny as an ant in a big house. Human beings need to love and spread peace instead of endless battles for nothing. Everyone seeking peace should start creating his own world and spreading love, peace and mercy. Please let's make Earth a better and safer planet to live on..

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Future is scary but..

At some point of our lives, we tend to look at our pasts and regret what we left there. We regret the good old times with some old friends, or school or whatever any phase we used to be in then. We keep looking at our pasts living in Nostalgia, imagining that we can get back there even for one moment. Therefore, when we get the chance to return to our past by any means as meeting an old friend with whom we had a big fight and decided not to talk to again or an ex- partner or spouse, we decide to return. We do this because no human being has any clue for his future. No one can tell how our future looks like, so we decide to return to our past which is familiar. However, we forget our past painful moments that we got through. We forget why we moved on in the first place. We tend to look at our past with graduation goggles. It’s similar to that moment when we graduate from schools, we totally forget our hard work there to be something just because we are going to miss our colleagues. We need to remember why we move on, we need to stop being scared of our future. Even if the past is more familiar, we can’t remain stuck there forever. It kills our chances to improve with ourselves in our jobs, social communications and also financial status. It kills our chances in meeting new people and finding our soulmates. It makes us repeat our mistakes again and again which puts us in misery and leaves us hopeless and confused. It makes life turns into a boring routine that kills us slowly. We should learn to avoid this. We should learn to move on, plan for our future and head there courageously. It’s scary but the result is great. The great result is when you change to the better version of yourself by going into new and different incidents instead of staying inside the same box. Remember that your present was once a future and you made it there as well as your past.